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Riverview Principal
Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members:

It is with great honor and excitement that I introduce myself as the principal of the Roaring Fork Schools’ new Prekindergarten - 8th grade school, Riverview. Originally from Northern Arizona, I was fortunate to have a teaching career at both the elementary and middle school levels. Following my experience as a teacher, I became a school leader and had the opportunity to be the assistant principal and principal at McMeen Elementary, an amazing school in Southeast Denver where families came to us from 34 different countries. Following my time at McMeen, I became an instructional superintendent, supporting principals at different schools in Northwest Denver. During my time as a teacher, school leader and instructional superintendent, I made many wonderful connections with students, families, teachers and community members from all over the world. I bring to my new role a deep commitment to build strong and meaningful relationships here in the Valley so that we can work together to create a school where all children have what they need to succeed.

In my short time here in the Valley, I have already had the pleasure of meeting many of you. I know that this is a very strong community founded in family values, rich in culture, and centered in a belief that our children deserve the absolute best educational experience possible. My wife Lisa and I are so happy that our two young children will be able to grow up in this community. As the first two weeks of school are now behind us, we are so grateful that our son and daughter have the incredible teachers that they do and that those teachers are supported by a caring staff and school leadership team. Coming from a long line of educators, I know just how hard teachers and school support staff work. I understand the many hours and the constant care that all educators and staff (everyone in a school building) put into their work.

As a Riverview Crew, we are so thrilled that our doors will open on time this fall. Our community continues to have the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of what happens in the school once construction ends and the doors open. Whether you are interested in developing the vision, mission, and school identity, or if you are interested in becoming part of the first PTO, we need your thinking and have something for you. We encourage anyone wanting to participate, to express their interest.

It continues to be my commitment to provide each and every child with an individualized educational experience tailored to meet their needs, hopes, desires and dreams. I look forward to partnering with you and creating an incredible new school for our kids and families here in the Valley.


Adam Volek - Riverview Principal
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