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Kindergarten Team
This year we have three kindergarten teachers due to an increase in enrollment and in an effort to keep our class sizes low. As a result of this change in staffing from 2 teachers last year to three teachers, our structure for our students in our dual language setting will look slightly different in Kindergarten. At Riverview, we hold the 50/50 dual language model with a high level of integrity in grades K-4. In a 50/50 model, students receive instruction for 50% of the time in both English and Spanish. They also receive direct literacy instruction daily in English and in Spanish. Our kinders in 2 classrooms, Sra Rojas and Mrs. Burkett, will travel between both classrooms daily and will have an English teacher and a Spanish teacher. This model mirrors grades 1-4. The additional classroom added this year, Mrs. Virginia, is a self-contained 50/50 dual language classroom. Mrs. Virginia will instruct students in both English and Spanish, following the 50/50 dual language model as well.

We are so grateful that you have chosen Riverview for kindergarten! Our team is hard at work planning for your little ones. We are proud to introduce you to our amazing team!